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Hey all, I'm Chris...
I never realized I was missing out on fictional romance until I met Christian & Gideon.  Now...I'm addicted!  I'm kicking myself now for not stealing those "Fabio" covered books my Mom read while growing up. Haha! I love to get lost in a captivating story. I love books that make laugh, make me cry, and cause my heart to race but stop at the same time. I love when a story can make me feel the characters emotions as if they were my own.  I love HEA and rarely want to read a book where I don't think there is going to be one.  It warms my heart knowing there are other book junkies out there with the same obsession..haha! I not only have a passion for reading books, but I’ve fallen in love with audiobooks!  Narration just adds spice to the already amazing story. When I’m not reading, I love being with my 2 beautiful daughters and awesome hubby.  I’m a lucky lady!  I get excited to talk about books and have made some really great friends in doing just that.  Jen, Juls & Lys are 3 sisters who I adore.  We’ve embarked upon this exciting adventure of sharing our love and passion for books together and I’m thrilled! Love you girls.
 XoXo ❤️

Yay! I am so glad that you are reading this! My name is Melyssa but my family and my close friends call me Lys...I like it...it's kinda sassy like me! So what can I tell you about who I am? Hmm? Well, my love of books started at a very young age. My Mom is a reader and I remember her always having a book in her hand...usually a Danielle Steel or a Harlequin romance novel!...and I think like every little girl, I wanted to be just like my Mom. Even at such a young age...I just wanted to lie on my bed and read! Ha! Once I started reading, it didn't take long for my book addiction to start. I fell in love with Shel Silverstein's book of poems: Where The Sidewalk Ends, The Babysitters Club series, Nancy Drew Mysteries, and everything written by Christopher Pike. Not to mention, all the Danielle Steel books I read on the sneak while my Mom was sleeping! And let me tell you, those were some steamy reads back in the day...especially when you are just a girl! My true love is murder mysteries with a side of romance but I love all books, all genres. I'll read any book if someone tells me it's a good one. I just love a great story! When I am not enjoying quiet time with a good read, I am enjoying life with my family and friends who have blessed me beyond my understanding. My sisters (Jen and Juls) are my very best friends and through them...I have met Chris, a sweetheart and fellow book lover! Together, through this journey of Facebook pages and book blogs...we can only hope that our love of books will not only flow into the hearts of our children, but also into yours❤️

Hello lovely readers...I'm Jen! First, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read all about us! Reading is a great passion of mine...well, at least when I get the chance to read. Lol. =)     I am a mother of two beautiful children and our loving God has given me a second chance at love with an amazing man, Ryan!! My passion started with the one and only Edward Cullen. I couldn't get enough of him...and I wanted more...which led me to my next love...Mr. Christian Grey and from there...it was all down hill. Lol. =)  I am a complete hopeless romantic!! I love a story with a man who loves with every ounce of him...a story that makes you cry uncontrollably...and a story that makes you so mad that you want to throw your Kindle. I'm looking forward to bringing all of those books to you!!! Being able to do this for you with my dearest sisters and my dearest friend...is one of the greatest gifts!! I am so blessed and so lucky!! Thank you Lys...Juls...Chris...and all of you!!!  Love you girls!! Xoxoxo...Happy Readings...
We just want to know....Who are you going to bed with tonight?? ❤️

Hi there! I'm Juls...
The final one to complete our group! I'm also the youngest... HaHa! ;)
Just like my sister, Melyssa, I started reading at a young age. I started with The Babysitters Club Series, and I also liked reading the Fear Street Series from R.L Stine! As for now...Well, I love all kinds of books: Contemporary, Young Adult and Adult Romance books. One day at my mom's house, my sister Jen, was reading a book and she wouldn't put it down. I was trying to talk to her and she wasn't even paying attention to me!!! Once I finally got her attention she told me that the book she was reading was SO GOOD and I just had to read it when she was done. Can you guess what it was?... Twilight!! Yes, my very first "book boyfriend" was the one and only Jacob Black!! HAHA... I bet you thought I was going to say Edward!! Nope!! I'm a Jacob Fan!! All the way!! After reading Twilight I can see why my sister couldn't put it down.  I thought it was "SO GOOD" as well. This is when my passion for reading truly began!! However, I just needed a little more. In walked... Christian Grey... followed by Gideon Cross... and from there came Kellan Kyle... Love me some "Bad Boy/Rock Stars"!! My list of book boyfriends goes on and on. I enjoy reading all kinds of books. I like the "rip my heart out and throw it against the wall...followed by a good stomp"...you know...the "ugly cry" type like Hopeless, Fighting Redemption, and the Reason to Breath Series. I love when best friends turn into best lovers, such as, Always You and Picture Perfect.  I love "love triangles" like Taking Chances, the Thoughtless Series, and the Relentless Series. I definitely can't leave out my Motorcycle Club books; however, my all time favorite from the MC books is the Undeniable Series. Lastly, but definitely not least, I  like reading books with a little darkness to them...with a flare of edge! Such as...Escape from Paradise, Captive in the Dark Series, and Topping from Below just to name a few.  When I don't have my head in a book, I'm enjoying family time with my wonderful husband Toby and my 3 boys. Yes, I'm the only girl in the house!! That is why I am so excited to have I LOVE STORY TIME! Being able to vent about different books with my sisters, Lys and Jen, as well as our awesome friend Chris, is the best!! I am especially grateful for you lovely ladies following our blog!! Thank you so much for your support and following us through our Facebook page and replying to our post. I love seeing what everyone is reading and reading your comments. Keep the love coming and we will return our love for books right back!! Happy Reading!!! XOXO ❤ 


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