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Pieces of Me by Kira Adams : Review by Juls.....

Pieces of Me (Foundation #1)Pieces of Me by Kira Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** I Love Story Time was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

5 Stars!!

I would like to say thank you to Kira Adams for contacting I Love Story Time regarding Pieces Of Me. If she didn't, I'm not sure I would have came across it and that is not a good thing! I loved it! I liked so many things about it. I liked all the characters and I was able to connect with Peyton instantly. The things that Peyton went through in this story brought tears to my eyes. There were so many moments when I was wiping my tears throughout this book. From the minute I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting and it took me into the late night/early morning hours. Lets just say....the next morning I was so tired when I had to wake up for work!

Peyton was constantly struggling with fellow classmates from her school harassing her because she wasn't one of the skinny popular girls. She was constantly made fun of. She didn't have many friends, and only trusted a few people. However, things started to change in her life for the better, opening herself up to new beginnings. She met new people and started having more friends. The last thing she expected was getting closer to the opposite sex. No guy had ever given her the time or day, until now. The best thing about it, is that there was more than one!

Throughout Peyton's journey she connects with different guys on different levels. These guys are different in so many ways. I don't even know which one I loved! I liked the connection that she had with her fellow song writer. Then I fell for the connection she had with the rock star, and I loved the connection she had with the boy from school too! All their relationships were so special and not one of them would hold anything back when it came to the nice words they spoke to Peyton, that just made me love them more.....

"Someday, Peyton, you are gong to find someone who is going to tell you that you are beautiful every day, someone who will hold your hand in public, and never miss a moment to kiss you. Someday you will find that person you want to share that beautiful part of yourself with, and someone who will make sure the moment is as perfect as it can be with you."

"You changed my life Peyton Lane...and for the better. I have a permanent smile on my face, and you know damn well it's because of you."

My favorite one was.....

"I love how talented and passionate you are. I love your blunt honesty. I love your heart. I love your determination. I fell in love with the girl in here." He pointed to my heart. "I didn't fall in love with a body or an image-I fell in love with the whole person, you."

I really loved everything about this story. It was not only heart warming, but there were also so many twist and turns that you don't see coming. There were definitely moments that I got nervous about what was going to happen next. The things that Peyton and other characters went through broke my heart. The conversations she had with her sister brought tears to my eyes. I loved everything, and I would highly recommend this awesome story. I can't wait to read Book 2 that, thankfully, is coming out really soon so that I can continue with Kira's wonderful story! If you haven't picked this lovely book up, don't waste another minute! This will be a story that will definitely stay with you!


I Love Story Time Ratings:


5 = LOVED, HIGHLY recommend.

4 = REALLY liked, recommend.

3 = GOOD, but needed more.

2 = It was OKAY.

1 = NOT for me.

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Wasted Love : Review by Juls...

Wasted Love (Brooklyn Series, #1)Wasted Love by Danielle Jamie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I Love Story Time was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

4 Stars!

" A life without love is not a life at all. What good is it to have all the things you do and not have some to share it all with?

One thing I loved about this story....was all the little one liners that made me laugh out loud throughout the book. In the beginning of the blub, it says..Prepare to laugh your butt of, and that's exactly what I did. The things that Brooklyn would think to her self in that head of hers was hilarious. My favorites were....

"Those damn romance novels blow smoke up your ass with all their virgins finally having sex and wanting to pass out from an orgasm."

"That man was like the freaking Energizer bunny! He just kept going and going-and I just kept cumming and cumming!"

"I so want his thunder in my down under while he says my name with that hot ass Aussie accent!"

There are so many more comments, but you will have to read the book to find the rest!

Brooklyn is one crazy girl! This is not a story of the girl meeting a guy and falling in love. This is about Brooklyn and finding friends with benefits. And to be honest, I'm not sure which one I liked more! All 3 guys that she meets are all different. Their looks, their personalities are totally opposite from each other. There's the band/bad boy, the clean cut/boy next door, then there is the rugged cowboy! Now that I think about it, I can see why she doesn't just want to be with one guy!

I did enjoy this story, but at first I did have a hard time getting use to Brooklyn's ways. Being with more then one guy, with such a short time between, kind of threw me off. But after reading and getting to know Brooklyn as a character, you kind of get used to it. So, as a warning, if you don't like when the heroin sleeps around this may not be the book for you. As for the ending, it does leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. This was a great first book in this Series!


I Love Story Time Ratings:


5 = LOVED, HIGHLY recommend.

4 = REALLY liked, recommend.

3 = GOOD, but needed more.

2 = It was OKAY.

1 = NOT for me.

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Mandee Mae, Missy Johnson, Liv Morris
M.C. Cerny, Elle Bright, Niquel
Phalla S. Rios, Amalie Silver, Carly Grey
Vicki Green, Nicole Blanchard

Release Date: October 28, 2014



Ten sexy NA student/teacher novellas by some of today's bestselling authors. 

These previously unpublished novellas include:

Debating Number Ten by Amalie Silver

His goal was ten. Ten notches on his bed post before seducing his debate coach, Miss Shields. Will Simon reach his ideal woman, or will he end up Debating Number Ten?

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Deviation by M.C. Cerny

Deviation: an action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected. Example: Edith and Jack deviate from the acceptable student teacher relationship.

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The Life Plan by Phalla S. Rios

Everything was perfect, until the middle of my senior year. Our art teacher succumbed to bad health, leaving us with a substitute--and my plans turned to flames, turning into ashes. I thought I wasn't going to fall anymore. But the moment I laid eyes on Mr. Tomlinson, I begin to fall all over again.

This can't be happening…

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Back to School by Vicki Green

Emma Danielson's last year of College and with bartending at night she's walking through life like a zombie. But, when the new teacher walks into her music class she definitely wakes up and takes notice.
Josh Tyler's playing and singing at bar's and practices doesn't give him much time but, when he walks into the first day of his new music class and notices a beautiful girl sitting in the back, a fresh set of issues arise and a whole lot of trouble.

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Unwritten History
by Missy Johnson & Carly Grey

We met online.

We’d been friends for nearly six months before we finally met.

Sparks fly. Things happen.

I don’t know what it is we have, but then again, I’m only seventeen.

He thinks I’m twenty, because that’s what I tell him.

But Secrets never stay hidden for long.

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Rite of Passage by Mandee Mae

Haley knew she had a lot to learn since she pretty much grew up in a bubble. She just didn’t realize the classroom wasn’t the only place she was going to be taught new and exciting things.

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The Teacher's Pet by Niquel

The Cunningham twins looked alike but were polar opposites. When Maxine Sheppard, the sexy English teacher, arrived, they had one common goal: becoming the teacher's pet.

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Love Lessons by Liv Morris

Desperate to find a teaching job after graduating college, Tali Tillman returns to her high school to teach English Literature. One of her students and star quarterback, Daniel Johnson, begins to fail her class, so Tali's asked to tutor him after-hours. Lines between teacher and student become blurred, but will they be crossed?

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Teach Me by Elle Bright

History belongs in the past. Or so Savannah thought, until her new history professor decides to teach her a thing or two...

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Extra Credit by Nicole Blanchard

If nothing else the expensive education at St. Christopher's College should have thoroughly instilled upon Eve Stratton the virtues of avoiding risks. But much like her namesake, all it takes for her resolution to be swayed are the smooth words of a charming devil. And Theodore Drake, her new professor, may as well have come with a warning label. Even though she’s well aware that a relationship could mean ruin for them both, there's nothing more alluring than the temptation.

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                      *** I Love Story Time was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

                      3.5 to 4 Stars!!

This is the first time that I have done a review for an anthology before, so bare with me! This is also the first time that I have read an anthology so I was not sure how it actually worked. There is a total of 10 stories included in this bundle. The stories ranged from a few chapters to 23 chapters. Some were hot and some were sweet.

All stories were pretty good. Some I did like more than others and some were not what I expected. Between all these stories there's lots of sex and not just Male/Female. There was a story that had Female/Female as well as orgies. So if you are sensitive with those kind of scenarios, these stories may not be for you. Overall, I did enjoy getting the chance to read through the Hot For Teach Anthology. I did notice that at times it was hard connecting with some of the characters. Being that the stories were short, by the time I started connecting with them, the story ended. But I guess that may be what the Author may wanted. To drag you in and leave you hanging and wanting more! Let me say, some did do that to me. Some are left on a cliff hanger and some leave you wondering how it is all going to end. There are some that were prequels to the main books that will be coming out soon that I would love to read and get the completed story! A few of the stories I was able to connect with and really enjoyed the characters. I will name just a few below as well as tell you a little about the story and what I thought about them individually....

Unwritten History by Missy Johnson and Carly Grey.

Jill is constantly moving from city to city because her dad is in the military. Since she isn't in one place long she doesn't have many friends so she decides to make a profile on a dating website. Only, she pretends to be older so that she can get to know more mature people. She gets a reply from Eli and they soon start to become friends through text. After 6 months of texting, they finally meet. Sparks fly instantly and one thing leads to another leading their relationship to become more than just friends. However, things are not as easy as they once were and secrets come out causing their situation to change in an instant. This is a prequel to a series that is going to be coming out in November of 2015. I would love to see how things end up because the prequel does leave you with a little cliff hanger. Jill also has a friend name Alice that she met through her years in different high schools and has remained in contact with. I loved their texting back and forth. It was one point when she sent her message to the wrong person I died laughing.. Seriously... do you know how many times I have done that? That was the best! Especially with what it said! How embarrassing for her, but so dang funny! Then the response that was sent back made me laugh even harder! OMG!!! The best part ever! I really enjoyed this short story. I also feel that there is something going on with her neighbor that is constantly giving her a hard time, so I'm looking forward to see where that goes as well. I would rate this prequel 4 stars, because it is a good start and leaves you wanting more!

The Life Plan Prequel by Phalla S. Rios

Conner and Vida knew each other when they were younger. They were great friends even though they had an age difference between them. Then one day Conner and his family moves leaving Vida all alone. Now, years later Conner is back and Vida runs into him where she least expects it. The minute they see each other both their feelings that they had for one another are back. However, things are not easy and they can't be together because of their circumstances. The pull between them is so strong that they are willing to throw everything away to be together.

Conner and Vida are cute together. I liked how Conner was always trying to protect Vida from everything. Conner's personality was really cute and playful. Knowing that they had a big age difference Conner never rushed Vida to do anything that she wasn't ready for. This story does leave you on a little cliff hanger and I am interested to see how everything works out and if their relationship will last through the twist and turns I'm sure this book is about to take!

The Teacher's Pet by Niquel

Zeke and Zach are twin brothers that are totally opposite of each other. Zeke cares about getting into the college of his dreams and is working hard to get the best grades he can. He is more to himself and not worried about what others think of him. Zach is the quarter back of the their school's football team and is more worried about what girl he is taking home for the night. Zach is cocky and thinks hes Gods gift to every girl around. The only thing that they have in common other than their mom and dad, is the hate they have for each other. Zach is constantly messing with Zeke always giving him a hard time. Then one day they find themselves getting in competition with each other over the same girl. They both have eyes for her and try to see who will get her first. Zach of course only wants one thing, and Zeke wants more then just one night.

This story was cute but Zach was an ass! Zeke was the sweet boy next door! He has a best friend Rachel that he is always with and talking to and I like their relationship as well. Things start to change between them and Rachel knows he is hiding something but is not sure what. The ending is a moment that leaves you wondering what is going to happen! This was a great prequel to get the readers hooked and wanting to read the next book!

Lastly, but definitely not least, my favorite one was ....

Back To School by Vicki Green.

Emma meets the sexy Josh Taylor on her first day back to school. Josh instantly becomes the hottest boy in school and doesn't even notice. He is also in a band trying to become famous. All his band members are also pretty cool and enjoy having a good time, and say some crazy stuff! Josh is seriously the sweetest! The things he does and the things he says to Emma are so heart warming. His loving and caring personality just brings so many emotions out of you as a reader! I think Emma says it perfectly.....

You know that filling you get every time you see or hear the person you are head over heels for? That one that makes you eager to see or hear them every second of the day? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling right now."

Josh brought those same feeling out in me! I fell in love with him in this short story!

Layton is one of Emma's friends and he is so funny. He's laid back and enjoys life to the fullest. He is also gay, and that just makes him the gay friend I've always wanted but never had!!.LOL.. Some of the things his says while hanging out with Emma were hilarious. I really liked this story, this one was my favorite by far! Now, I just have to go on Goodreads and see what else I need to read from Vicki Green!

There are obviously more stories to read about in this bundle, other then the ones I've mentioned. So if your someone that enjoys short stories or likes to read prequels to see if you would want to read the full novel, then his bundle would be great to pick up! It definitely will be keeping my eyes open for some of the full length novels that will be coming out soon!


I Love Story Time Ratings:


5 = LOVED, HIGHLY recommend.

4 = REALLY liked, recommend.

3 = GOOD, but needed more.

2 = It was OKAY.

1 = NOT for me.


HANDLED 2 by Angela Graham & S.E. Hall ~ RELEASE DAY BLITZ

Handled 2
Part 2, the conclusion.
handled 2.jpg
ONLY $0.99

handled 2 it's live.jpg

Of course this is how it goes!
When I escape outside like an immature brat, everything's fine. When I come to help carry wood, I die. Such is the Book of Paige, an ironic tragedy.
"Listen to me," he says determinedly. "You're out of time. I need you to trust me, Paige. Just this once, baby, please." It's the absolute terror in his voice that wins me over, claiming me fully before I even notice the fear in his watery eyes as well. "Very, very slowly, bend your knees, and get down on your stomach. All your weight, flat and even, gentle, but at once. Got it?"
"Yeah," I croak, trembling uncontrollably as I follow his exact directions. Wow, so this is what it feels like to hand control over to another person, sharing your load, risking disappointment and hurt on the off chance of gaining better, greatness even? It's new and not completely unbearable.handled 2 teaser 1.jpg

Handled (book one): An Erotic Quickie
handled cover.jpg
ONLY $0.99

Nothing makes my cock stand at attention like my lil' Firecracker.
She thinks she can hide behind that sharp tongue and those succulent pink lips, but it only makes her taste all the sweeter.
I can't get enough...if only she could say the same.

handled 2 teaser 3.jpg

handled 2 teaser 2.jpg

About the Authors:

S.E. Hall
S.E. hALL BIO.jpg
S.E. Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 4 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading and writing. She's also being clutch at Baggo, when it's warm outside!

Angela Graham
angela graham.png
I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges.

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