Monday, December 5, 2016

WOMANIZER by Katy Evans: Review by Lys

Womanizer (Manwhore, #4)Womanizer by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Katy Evans continues to rock my world with her super sexy heroes and her strong heroines. She has once again written a beautiful love story with all the feels that I have come to expect and love from her novels. Katy Evans is an insta-1 click author! Every single one of her books are spectacular. I have read and loved them all! Her flawless writing, her captivating story lines, and the undeniable chemistry between her characters bring me back to her books every time. I can always count on being consumed by a Katy Evan novel.


Olivia Roth (Yes!, Mr. McHottie, Tahoe Roth's little, sweet, innocent sister) was adorable. She had planned her entire life, even at what age she'd meet the man of her dreams! But at 22, she wasn't looking for love and was just starting out on her career path. Her positive energy and excitement over her new career adventure was infectious. I could feel her hopes and dreams within the words on the pages. Enter Hot Smoker Guy. Sheesh, who knew smoking could be so incredibly sexy! Gah, I don't smoke or like smoking, but hot damn, Callan Carmichael made me want to take up a new habit! Callan is the last man standing. He is the last of the 3 hottest, most wealthiest bachelors in Chicago. Haha, I loved the way these two met. It was comical and super sweet. It was perfection! I loved Malcolm and Tahoe, but Callan may just be my most favorite of the Manwhore Series characters. He had a quiet, controlled, yet easy sensuality about him that fired me up and melted my heart. I swooned from start to finish! I did not want Callan and Olivia's story to end. Womanizer is definitely an I Love Story Time, Best Reads Of 2016!

♥ Review by Lys

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