Monday, April 3, 2017

Ends Here by M. Robinson ~ Review by Juls

Ends Here (Road to Nowhere, #2)Ends Here by M. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!

I just spent my day devouring, Ends Here! It seems like I've been waiting forever to start this story and just like that, I'm already done. There's probably not much I can say that I'm sure other reviewers aren't already saying about the wonderful cluster fuck of emotions that M. Robinson puts you through while reading. I never knew where my heart truly lied when it came to Creed and Noah. My heart broke for them both, but I'll be honest and say a little more for one than the other. I liked Creed, but I really do love Noah. My tears never stopped falling for the encouraging words and the love he had for Mia. I must say, Mia is one lucky girl to have two wonderful man fighting for her. I think Mia said it best when she said...

"You have my past, and he has my present. I’m just so confused on who has my future.”

That's exactly how I feel when it comes to Creed and Noah. Going in I may have been team Creed, but now, my heart is screaming team Noah! There's just something about him that draws me in. Maybe it was his tenderness, maybe it was those eyes, maybe it was the boyish grin I always pictured. Or maybe, it was the sense of humor he had that kept me laughing when I needed it the most...

“You’re gonna sit your pretty little ass on my bike for a minute, so you can get used to the feelin’ of somethin’ so big between your legs. Wait, you should already be used to it cuz of me.”

There's so much that went on in this story, so my warning prior to reading it is... get ready for one bumpy ride! You may laugh, you may cry, and you most definitely may want to throw your kindle. One thing I know for a fact, you won't be disappointed!


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