Sunday, August 30, 2015

Darkness Follows (Darkness, #2) by J.L Drake

Darkness Follows (Darkness #2)Darkness Follows by J.L. Drake
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WHOA! I am blown away by the depth and complexity of this series. Holy mother of...J.L Drake has clearly out done herself in this second addition to the Darkness Trilogy. I am in awe of her. Was it full of sexual angst, hot OPD men (I do love a man in a uniform), and feels? YES, yes it was!!! The character development, the emotional connection, and the interweaving story line has my mind reeling with questions! This story is riddled with hidden clues that I am dying to try to figure out. My mind can't stop screaming...WHAT IS THE CONNECTION?! Ahhh! This book is going to haunt me until I get my hands on the next one. I. NEED. IT. NOW! Gahhh!! The suspense is killing me!! This is J.L. Drake's best book/series yet. I LOVED Cole and Savannah (and of course ALL the men of Blackstone) from her Broken Trilogy, but this...this is sooo much more than just a love story. THIS is a BRILLIANT mystery! Counting down the days until the release of Darkness Falls J.L Drake!

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