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UNDENIABLE by C.A. Harms ~ Review by Juls

Undeniable (The Key West Series Book 4)Undeniable by C.A. Harms
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4.5 Stars!

“I feel like I’m failing. Like my strength is slipping and I’m falling fast. I don’t think I can hold it together.” I stared back at her, no longer caring if I appeared to be weak. “Then fall,” she whispered. “Fall, and let me catch you. Sometimes in life you just need to let go and allow yourself to be the one that’s receiving the support. Just let it go, Jude. Please, just let it go.”

Wow!!! C.A. Harms just proved that she can definitely make her readers cry! I don't believe I stopped crying throughout this entire story. I knew Jude's story was going to be hard to read but, that didn't stop me from continuing this great series! I loved it, and I fell even more in love with Jude. The way he takes care of his family is admiring! Not many people would step up, but he has always been there for his sister, and he will always continue to make her happy. Callie has always felt an electric pull towards Jude. Eventhough, Jude has never let her or anyone else get too close, Jude needs her the most. She's there for him with no questions asked. One part I really liked was when Jude's sister gave him advice that he didn't necessarily ask for. Kate's advice is so true. Many people do not think of things in that perspective, and I'm really glad Jude had Kate to guide him into the right direction.

"Open your eyes and give life a chance. If you don’t, one day you’ll wake up and wonder where all your time went, why you let all those chances pass you by. But then it will all be too late, because life does go on, Jude, even if you don’t want it to, and those opportunities you had will be forever lost.”

I really did enjoy Undeniable! I actually...enjoyed the whole Key West Series! I loved that once again we get more from all the characters. I loved the ending! I think it was a great way to tie together everyone's lives and brings the readers up to date! I really enjoyed how close everyone is to each other, and the awesome friendships that have been created! There's nothing like friends that turn into family!

~ Juls

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