Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good-bye, with Love by Niquel ~ Review by Juls

Good-bye, with Love.Good-bye, with Love. by Niquel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars!

I feel that Niquel did a great job with the storyline in, Good-bye,with Love. I can never get enough stories about best friends falling in love. I really liked Johnny's character. He was truly one of the best friends anyone can ask for. The way he was there for Michelle when they were young was really sweet. I really liked the friendship they formed with each other. They really formed a strong bond together that most people may not find throughout their entire life. With that being said, I do have to say that I did have a hard time with some of the things that went on in the story. One, was with how young they were and where they were in their lives. I think that being 12 is kind of young to be left to do what you want and thinking about kissing. I guess I'm just not used to relationships being that strong at such a young age. But, that is just my opinion. I also had a hard time with the fact that Michelle held things against Johnny that he could not help.Things that came up and caused issues with their relationship were things out of his control. And yet, she held it against him? I also felt that when it came to the point in their relationship to move on, past the friend zone, it kind of dragged on for me. Every time something could have happened, something always got between them. I felt it start to drag on just a little with that happening more than once. In the end, I did like it. It was nice to be able to see them grow from kids to adults. I enjoyed this story and it's well deserved HEA!


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