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Always You by Stephanie Rose : Review by Juls

Always You (A Second Chances Novel)

Always You by Stephanie Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4 Stars!

Always You was an easy going, yet meaningful story. It was sweet with just the right amount of spice! Lucas and Samantha have known each other since college. They were always close friends, but Sam has always wanted more. Lucas was the hot popular guy that Sam knew would never look at her the way she always wanted him to. After college, they both move in different directions. Lucas gets a job that takes him out of state, and Sam ends up getting married and having a daughter. Years later, she finds herself in a loveless marriage to a man that hasn't been there for her or her daughter. Sam has always felt alone. That is, until Lucas comes back and their friendship starts up right where it left off. Only this time, Lucas can't seem to take his eyes off of Sam. From the moment they reunite, sparks fly.

Lucas' and Sam's relationship as friends was super cute. I really liked that we were able to get flash backs of their college memories. Lucas also melted my heart with his relationship with Sam's daughter, Bella. The attention and love that he gave her, that she never got from her own dad, was heart warming. They were really cute together!

I really enjoyed this story. It was a simple read, with minor drama, but I think that's what I really liked about it. Sometimes it's nice to just read a straightforward story without so much drama! One of my favorite things about it was that Samantha was just as much as a smut reader as I am! I loved that part when Lucas asked Bella how she got her name!!!

“My mom got my name from my uncle. Do you know where your name comes from?” “Yep. Mommy got my name from a girl in a book.” “That’s cool, Bella. Do you know what book?” “Sure, Twilight.” I dropped my fork and looked across the table at Sam. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

LOL! I have to admit, I got my son's name from the same inspiration!


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