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CRASH by Amity Cross : Review by Juls

Crash (The Beat and The Pulse, #3)Crash by Amity Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4 Stars!

"I had to get out of the house or wither away in darkness.

Lincoln is just as swoon worthy as I remembered! I remember really liking his character from the Beat and Pulse novels. He is still a great guy! In Crash, we get to know him on a more personal level which I really enjoyed. I will say that he is no Ash Fuller by any means, but there's just something about him that keeps you interested!

We also got to know a little of Violet in the previous book when she went to speak to Ren in regards to Ash. Now, Violet is trying to move forward and trying to move past the dramatic experiences she has had. She has been living in a bubble, not coming outside, and just staying in her safe place. Since Ash has opened Pulse,Violet decides that it would be good for her to get out and try to heal.

Lincoln's and Violet's story was really good. It truly showed that anyone can be pulled out of their darkness with the right support. The way that Lincoln was there for Violet, how he truly believed that she could get better, showed me how much he really cared for her. The way he took his time with her, so that she could get used to him being around, was perfect. I loved the words of encouragement that he constantly gave to her.

"Ash got you justice, but I'm going to help you live again."


"Be fearless. Be the women you've become and never let her go."

It was an emotional story, but it was also a great love story. I did like Beat and Pulse a little more, but I did really enjoy this one as well! I'm still enjoying this series by Amity Cross!

~ Juls

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