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RISKING EVER AFTER by Stephanie Hoffman McManus

Risking Ever After (Ever After, #5)Risking Ever After by Stephanie Hoffman McManus
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5 Stars

"Sometimes God puts someone in your life, and no matter how hard you fight it, they become the reason you breathe. Pretty soon you realize that you’d do anything and everything to fight to hang onto them.”

It's 12:30 A.M. and I just finished Risking Ever After  and let me just say, I seriously want to throw my kindle!!!! Why you ask??? Because after reading the last page of the story, I saw this...

The conclusion to the Ever After series to release sometime winter of 2015.

Are you freak'in kidding me right now Stephanie???? This can not be true. Say this isn't true!!! I LOVE this series and the next book just can't be the last one!!! NOOO!!!! Don't do this to me!!! Do you realize how much I look forward to reading about these characters, about their families, about the family "I" am apart of?? Ugh...sooo not FAIR!!!!! Plus, while I'm at it, I have another little bone to pick with Ms. Stephanie Hoffman McManus. Before I started reading this book, I asked her if I was going to need a box of Kleenex like I did when I read, Saving Ever After. Her reply was...

"I don't think this one is as emotionally wrenching. I think you'll laugh more than cry in this one! Maybe . . ."

Let me tell you! She lied!!! Lol!! I did laugh a lot because let's face it, it's about Spade. But...I also cried like a baby!!! I sooo needed a box of Kleenex!!! Ugh...Spade's story broke my heart. It was truly an emotional read for me. Spade is an emotional character and I felt every emotion right along with him. When he was happy, I was happy. When he was sad, I was crying. And when things just got to be too much, I was already in pieces! I've liked Spade from the beginning and now he has seriously captured my heart.

I really liked Claire as well. I can't imagine being in her situation and making the decisions that she had to make. I liked reading the parts where she was feisty with Spade when he would give her his attitude. The friendship they had once Spade opened up was really cute.

The BEST part in the story for me was the shower scene. I'm sure right about now your thinking it must be a juicy sex scene, but it was so much more than that. The conversation they had right before, made that scene so heart warming. I felt that, that scene alone, truly showed both characters true emotions with no walls up and no guarded hearts. I LOVED it!!!

Stephanie Hoffman McManus has out done herself once again when it comes to Risking Ever After. I loved that I was able to still get updates on all my family members from the previous stories, and I especially loved that Grandma Helen is still hanging in there! She seriously is the craziest 80 yr old I know! LOL. I truly loved this story, and I would not have changed anything about it. It most definitely was ...Perfect!


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