Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pushing The Limits by Brooke Cumberland : Review by Juls

Pushing the LimitsPushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I Love Story Time was gifted an Arc in exchange for an honest review ***

4.5 Stars!

"I'm more broken then you realize. I've told you I'm a mess. Probably more than you can handle."

"If you'll let me in, I promise to give you everything you need."

I was so excited to finally receive the ARC for Pushing The Limits. I have been waiting for it ever since the original sign ups came out. Then unfortunately, the dates had changed so the release was pushed back. I'm happy to say that the wait was well worth it! I knew this story was going to be good. Lets face it, its about a student/teacher relationship, and who doesn't love those? As a reader, I got so much more! This not only had the angst of the forbidden relationship, but there was so much more storyline then I had expected. The way everything came together between Morgan and Aspen was great. The connection they had was stronger than just the normal chemistry. The way they were there for each other and supported each other while connecting through art was amazing. I think that was one of the things that really drew me in. The details of Aspen's paintings, and the way painting helped guide her to over come her demons can be overwhelming at times. To be able to do something and connect so strongly with it can truly be a gift in itself. Everything about the characters and the relationships with each other fit perfectly. It not only had a serious storyline, but there were so many laugh out loud moments that were priceless. Truly an awesome read that I would definitely recommend everyone pick up! I will be looking forward to reading the next story from this series!


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