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More Than Lies by N.E. Henderson : Review by Juls

More Than LiesMore Than Lies by N.E. Henderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4 Stars!!

There are so many characters throughout this story that I loved! What I loved the most were the friendships between them all. My favorite is the relationship that Taralyn had with her brother, Trent. Trent was the best brother a girl could have. The playfulness that he had with her was really cute. There were two times in the story that totally made me fall in love with Trent. The first one was in the prologue when they were little and Trent and Shane were going to go play and Shane tells him to leave Tara with Shawn, Shane's little brother. But Trent tells him.

“Naw, dude, Taralynn comes with me. You want me to go down to the creek, she comes too.”

I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but I loved it! Most brothers wouldn't want to hang out with their little sister, but Trent wouldn't go anywhere without her. The second time he stole my heart was when Trent explained to Tara how he felt about her while growing up..

“When they brought you home, you were the coolest thing I ever saw. Any opportunity I got, I’d feed you and it was fun because you never threw up on me like you did everyone else. And I could talk to you for hours. Did you know, my name was the first real word out of your mouth? You have no idea how neat that was.”

Yup...that part was the exact moment that my heart made a spot just for him. I just loved the brother/sister relationship they had.

I had so many mixed emotions when it came to Taralyn and the person she was going to be with. I did like Shawn. Man...he is seriously one hot alpaha male! He's hard, but he also had his loving moments that make you swoon. There was something about Jared that had me wishing that Taralyn would give him the shot he always wanted with her. My heart broke for him when he would tell her how much he loved her and how good they could be together.

This story had a little of everything in it. It has angst, love, hate, and some serious hotness to it! It was a great all around story, and I am really looking forward to reading Shane's story next.


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