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The End Game by Kate McCarthy: Review by Lys

The End GameThe End Game by Kate McCarthy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Being the best comes with sacrifice, but if you can live with giving up everything but the game, you’re in with a fighting chance."

I'm speechless. There are no words to describe how utterly amazing this book is. There were moments when my chest literally ached in anticipation of what was going to happen next. The anxiety of how it would all end literally had me tossing and turning at night. My mind could not let this story go! Brody's and Jordan's journey was beautiful, heart breaking, emotional, and at times, even gut wrenching. The raw emotion their story pulled from me was all consuming.

My heart bled for Brody. His character destroyed me. I struggled with loving him one minute and being so completely frustrated and angry with him the next. There were times that I wanted to email Kate and ask her why? Why this direction? But as I read, I began to see him. Really see him...and at that moment...his pain wrapped itself around my heart. I had finally come to understand him and why Kate did what she did. It was perfect.

Jordan was Brody's beacon of light while he fought against the storm brewing inside him. She was his strength when he didn't have any left. She believed in him when he didn't even believe in himself. Even as she struggled to obtain her own dreams, she loved Brody during his darkest, most ugliest hours. Her love never faltered. Instead, it broke down his walls and showed him a love he had never experienced. In Brody's eyes, Jordan was an oak tree: steadfast, strong, and beautiful.

Despite the heavy subject matter and emotional content, there were also many sweet moments filled with humor and super sexy dirty talk. The chemistry and sexual angst between Brody and Jordan was HOT! I loved the secondary characters. As always, they were perfect additions. This book had it all. Kate McCarthy has once again pulled every heart string and held me captive with her words. This is definitely a MUST READ. Fans of Kate's will devour this, and new readers will fall in love with this remarkable love story.

“Out there on the field, the game is everything. It builds you up, breaks you down, and it bleeds you dry. But I love it. It’s the only place I’m free.”

♥ Review by Lys

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