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Endure by S.E. Hall ~ Review by Juls

Endure (Evolve, #4)Endure by S.E. Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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5 Stars!

I love this series and boy have I missed it!!! It's been a while since I have read it and I loved being able to reconnect with everyone! I especially missed their group texting! Evan still owns my heart. Although everything has worked out and everyone has their true soul mate, my heart still breaks for him. That ending?? OMG!! I balled!!! That right there tells me I truly was team Evan...

“And for a long time I felt guilty, because every once in a while, I’d catch myself wondering... where we went wrong. Then I’d see the way you look at Dane; the very same way I look at Whitley, and started thinking instead about what went right. Best I can figure, that’s what was missing, those two. ’Cause when you and me added in some Dane and Whitley, look what we got: Skylar and Judd. And that… is perfection.”

I seriously love Evan! His heart is so pure and full of so much love. I'm sitting here writing this review thinking about Evan and Laney in book 1 and I'm crying all over again. Endure brought everything full circle and it just brought back so many memories of them. Ugh! Yes I know, I have to get over it and look at the brighter side, but that was one couple that truly broke my heart.

As for the rest of the gang, they still crack me up! There's so much commotion when the crew gets together that you know you'll be rolling on the floor any moment because of all their crazy antics. There's always someone getting into something or causing some kind of drama that I just love to read about! I really enjoyed this story and seeing how everything played out. I can seriously go on and on, and quote every part I highlighted, but that may just be telling you everything about it. I will say, it made me laugh and it even brought tears to my eyes. Endure is an awesome addition to the Evolve series!


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