Thursday, November 19, 2015

Somewhere In Between by Samatha Harris ~ Review by Juls

Somewhere in BetweenSomewhere in Between by Samatha Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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"When you fall in love, never stop fighting to be the man that she deserves. Always remember that you, my friend, don’t deserve her.”

The quote I just posted above is by far my favorite quote in this story. I believe that the meaning behind it is the best advice a mom or dad can give their sons/daughters. I liked that throughout the story, it was constantly said by Papa Jack. Papa Jack was a great dad and I liked his little bar as well.

I really enjoyed Drew and Alex's story. I really liked that it was a story about how their friendship started and that we were able to witness it grow into a loving relationship. I can't stand when authors have the characters meet and by the end of their first encounter together, it's love at first sight! I don't buy it! lol! I like details and I like to see it from start to finish! I definitely got that from Somewhere In Between! I also think that the title is the perfect name for this book.

I really did enjoy all characters and the close friendship that they shared. I loved that Drew's family treated Alex as if she was one of their own before they even became a couple. Drew was cute and I loved his personality and playfulness! If you're looking for a story about friends to lovers, this is for you! It really was a cute story!


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