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Juls' Review for SHRINKING VIOLET by Jessica Prince

Shrinking Violet (a Colors novel)Shrinking Violet by Jessica Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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4.5 Stars!!!

OMG...I loved it!!! I loved Scattered Colors, so when I had the chance to read this, I didn't hesitate! I did enjoy Scattered Colors just a little bit more, only because it was more of an emotional story for me. However, I won't let that take away from how much I liked Shrinking Violet. After reading this, I understand more of what Cassidy went through and what she was dealing with while she was tormenting everyone in high school. I can't begin to imagine living a life not feeling loved and being constantly put down by my parents. I'm not saying that the things that she did were okay, but I can see why she was grasping for the attention and the love of someone else.

It's 4 years later and she's doing everything she can not to fall back into the person she once was. She's adjusting to the family she now has around her that is constantly showing the love she always searched for. She doesn't date or go out. She just helps with the farm that she lives on and hangs out with her best friend Lana. I loved Lana! She is so funny! Half the things that came out of her mouth made me crack up, especially the things she would say to Cassidy about Carson!

"Well, one thing's for damn sure. I think you need to ride Carson like a rodeo cowgirl, woman! Jesus, I think I got off on the sparks you two were throwing."


"Dear God, I hope he's packing. If he's carrying anything less than six inches with that body, it'd be like a slap in the face from God."

As for Carson???? I loved everything about him. He is the whole package. 6 inches and plus!!! HAHA! Just kidding! Seriously... there is so much more to Carson then just the hot body he's sporting with a smile that would make any girls panties drop. I think I fell in love with him over and over in this story. The way he was with Cassidy was sexy. The way he was with Bug was cute. But, the way that he was with Navie was heart warming.

"I love you. You're the best brother I never had Carson."

"I love you too. You're the best sister I never had, little bit."

So as you can see, this is definitely a story that I would recommend to all my fellow readers! It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it by far made me swoon! Once again, I will be looking forward to reading more from Jessica Prince! I'm really hoping that Navie will get a book of her own. My heart broke for her in this story. She is the sweetest thing and I hope she finds the love that she deserves.


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