Monday, July 27, 2015

Relinquished by K.A. Hunter : Review by Juls

RelinquishedRelinquished by K.A. Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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5 Stars!!

“Everyone has scars that tell a story. Even though they don’t define who you are, yours tell me that you’re not a victim, you’re a survivor. They validate your past, but you’re a stronger woman because of them. I know we can get through anything, together.”

Relinquished is full of twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat! I was hooked from the beginning and I was able to finish it in one day! The storyline was edgy and dark with a twist of love. I loved the fighter that Jules had in her. Jules life was never easy. In fact, it was far from easy. The nightmares that she continued to struggle with, never faltered. The flashbacks from her past were always haunting her. In hope of finding a better life, Jules continued to push forward.

I loved the relationship between Holden and Jules. Holden was so sweet, but also pure alpha. He understood the struggles that Jules was constantly facing. Jules had never really known the meaning of love and so she had closed off that side of her, believing that love was something that she would never experience. Yet, Holden was always there to remind her that in life, there are some things worth fighting for...

"Love isn't something to regret, Jules. Anything in life can destroy you, but I'd rather be so deeply affected by someone that I'm willing to fight against all odds for her, then never experience it."

I loved Holden and Jules together. The connection they shared was beautiful. I promise this story will not disappoint. I would highly recommend Relinquished to someone looking for a great romantic suspense read!


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