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**** REVIEW : CHASING THE STARS **** by J.D. Rivera

Chasing the Stars (Chasing, #1)Chasing the Stars by J.D. Rivera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4 Stars!

Chasing the Stars is a story that may be hard for some people to read but definitely worth it in the end. It was difficult to read about Mackenzie's situation, but I loved seeing that she was able to over come the hurdles that she was constantly having to deal with. Mackenzie didn't live the life of a normal high school student. She was constantly moving from city to city, so she never really had any close friends. Her parents also were not the best parents to have and unfortunately, she was always having to deal with them as well. On Mackenzie's first day of her senior year of high school, she became good friends with Miranda, and got the attention of one of the hottest guys in school, the football quarterback, the guy that all girls wanted and most guys wanted to be...Hayes.

Hayes is the player of the school. Everyone knows that he isn't one to settle with just one girl. He's never been the relationship type, but when he first meets Mackenzie, things start to change. He knows that she's better then just a one night stand. Their relationships starts out as friends, but by Hayes being friends with Mac, and not using her the way he uses most of the girls in school, unwanted attention is drawn towards her.

The relationship between Hayes and Mac was cute. I loved that Hayes was there for Mackenzie when she needed him while they were friends. I loved seeing Hayes change from the player with no remorse to someone with such a caring heart. Hayes' personality was really playful when it came to Mac, which I enjoyed as well. When their relationship finally changed from friends to more, he made it perfectly clear what he wanted....

"I want this, Mackenzie. I want you, but I'm not sharing you with anyone and you're not sharing me."

I really enjoyed Chasing the Stars. There were moments I cried, there were moments I laughed, and there were moments I swooned! I also loved the way it ended. Throughout this story, I felt that we were able to see the characters go from high school kids dealing with life's unexpected challenges to responsible adults overcoming the odds. I am looking forward to reading more in Miranda and Brad's story!


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