Sunday, October 4, 2015

ANCHOR (Wake, #3) by M. Mabie: Review by Lys

Anchor (Wake, #3)Anchor by M. Mabie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YES! Finally! It was sooo nice to see angry Casey! God, I loved him mad. I have been waiting for the moment when he would grab his balls and claim what was his! Thank you M. Mabie! Alpha Casey was super H.O.T! In Anchor, Casey is more aggressive, protective, and if possible, even sexier. His take charge attitude definitely won me over this round. I also feel like I really got to see the magnetic relationship between Casey and Blake. I could actually feel the love that Casey held for Blake. The way he took care of her was heart warming. I enjoyed the witty dialogue between them. It brought a fresh, new vibe to book 3. There were also some really sweet, special moments between them that had me swooning like a teenage girl. The proposal, the letter, their vows, the epilogue! It all just melted my heart. Together they fought, and together they won. I fell in love with Casey and Blake's story. Their journey was unconventional, and at times hard to read, but in the was beautiful. A true love story!

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