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*** LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP *** by Jessica Prince ~ Review by Juls

Love Hate Relationship (Colors #3)Love Hate Relationship by Jessica Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** I Love Story Time was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

4.5 Stars!

I am really LOVING Jessica Prince!! I have been reading this series from the beginning and I really have enjoyed ALL of them! I remember Navie from Shrinking Violet, and I'm really happy she got her own book. I liked her then, and I really enjoyed her character in Love Hate Relationship. I loved how feisty she was. I also loved how funny she was when she was drunk. I seriously could not stop laughing while reading the bar scene when ALL 3 girls were drunk and were kicked out of the bar! OMG! Just thinking about all those funny parts right now has me laughing all over again. I have the biggest smile on my face just typing this! LOL. Jessica, you definitely know how to make your readers laugh! You definitely know how to make your readers cry as well! The ending had tears running down my face. I felt so bad for Navie. The way she believed that she was never good enough broke my heart.

As for Rowan, he was definitely Mr. Hot Stuff! I loved them together. The bickering they did back and forth had me cracking up! They were so quick with their replies. Two of my favorite parts was when Navie called in sick and Rowan went to check on her and Navie had morning breath...

“There, now you can see me. What do you want?”

“You don’t look sick.”

“And you don’t look like a doctor. Now, if you’ll kindly leave, I’m going back to bed.”

"I said get off!” I seethed. Then I blew in his face. It wasn’t the most mature thing in the world—to be honest, it was quite disgusting—but Rowan had a gift for bringing out the worst in me.

“Oh, dear Lord,” he choked as he jerked away. “That’s awful.”

The reason why I liked that part so much was because for once, an author wrote about BAD BREATH!!! There are so many morning scenes that I have read and never once is "morning breath" mentioned! I was beginning to think that I was the only one with morning breath!! LOL. I was also so excited to see that one of my favorite lines from Shrinking Violet made it in this story as well!

“You’re the best brother I never had,” I told him, using the words we’d made up for each other years ago to let him know exactly how much he meant to me.

“And you’re the best sister I never had"

Aww...I missed Carson! I'm so happy we got to hear from him in Navie's book. I loved him all over again! Navie's story was so good, and I can't wait for the next book to come out in this series!


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